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Tales From The Service Industry

Welcome To The Tales From The Service Industry Podcast!

Welcome to Tales from the Service Industry, the podcast that takes you behind the scenes of the hospitality world. Join us as we dive into the hilarious, heartwarming, and sometimes harrowing stories of servers, bartenders, retail workers, hoteliers and other industry professionals.

From dealing with difficult customers and navigating kitchen disasters to forging lifelong friendships and finding unexpected love, the service industry is a world unto itself, and we’re here to bring it to life.

Each episode, we’ll chat with a different guest about their experiences in the industry, sharing insights, advice, and, of course, plenty of juicy tales from the trenches. So grab a drink, settle in, and get ready to hear some wild and unforgettable stories from the service industry.


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Why Listen To The TFTSI Podcast?

1) The Chemistry! 
The hosts, Bill, Ms. B, and Liz, create a dynamic and engaging atmosphere throughout the podcast. Their conversations and interactions with guests make for an enjoyable and relatable listening experience.
 2) The BTS Scoop!
The hosts and guests share intriguing, and entertaining, stories from their own experiences in the service industry. These stories give listeners a glimpse into the behind the scenes world of hotels, retail, food and beverage and a myriad of other service related industries
3) The Inside Scoop!
As professionals in the industry, the hosts and guests offer valuable advice and tips for both service industry workers and customers. Listeners can learn about best practices, etiquette, and how to navigate various situations. TFTSI is a great place to get insider advice.

4) Points of View!
TFTSI brings in guests from different aspects of the service industry, offering a diverse range of experiences and insights. This allows listeners to gain a well-rounded understanding of the industry and its challenges.
5) Awareness and Appreciation!
Listening to the Tales from the Service Industry podcast can help foster a greater appreciation for the hard work and dedication put in by service industry workers. It sheds light on the challenges they face and the importance of supporting these individuals and establishments.
6) But best of all… WE LOVE OUR FANS!
Whether next door, across the nation or in any of the dozens of countries where TFTSI is streamed, we love interacting with our fans and hearing their stories as well.

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